Glovis Slovakia

Your Value Chain Partner

Our Business Area

Internal logistics and warehouses

We provide receipt and storage of parts and materials for our main customer Kia Motors Slovakia. Our task is to provide internal logistics and thus transport the parts needed for the production of the vehicle directly to the production lines "just in time" or "just in sequence".

Shipping and forwarding services for external customers

We provide transportation of goods according to the customer's request from the place of dispatch to the destination using the transport capacities of contracted transport companies. We focus on one-time or regular transports throughout Europe (international road transport), we provide international air transport, customs services and the issuance of transport documents.

Warehousing services for external customers

We provide storage of goods (short-term / long-term) mainly within the Žilina region as well as the rest of the Slovak Republic according to customer requirements. Warehouses and halls within the Žilina region.

Waste management for external customers

We provide export of various types of waste (metal, plastic, paper, cardboard, wood, ..) according to customer requirements using the capacity of external processors. It is about one-off or regular exports. As part of the service, we provide waste weighing and preparation of related documents, waste processing and processing of waste and the preparation of quarterly certificates on waste recovery.