Glovis Slovakia


GLOVIS SLOVAKIA is a part of the Hyundai Glovis group, which is a global provider of integrated logistics and distribution services. In Slovakia, we are one of the main suppliers of Kia Motors Slovakia. We currently employ approximately 400 employees.


For our main customer, we are responsible for all internal logistics processes and deliveries of finished vehicles throughout Europe. We provide a full range of logistics operations such as sales logistics, supply logistics, resulting distribution logistics, installation and dismantling of machines and operations, packaging, warehousing and logistics consulting. We also trade with companies operating in the field of material recycling, transport, transmission and storage.


The company's operations are located in the Kia Motors Slovakia consolidation center. The area it uses includes a spare parts warehouse, a parking lot and a charging room for handling equipment. The operation also includes a wheel assembly line, which is directly connected to the production line of Kia Motors Slovakia. GLOVIS SLOVAKIA operates forklifts, tow trucks, container handlers and other material transport equipment.