We lead our company towards fair, responsible and transparent corporate governance.


  • is a basic document for shaping the corporate culture of our company
  • determines the value direction that all employees should follow and defines the basics of the employee's ethical behavior
  • emphasizes responsibility for the external social environment and coexistence with partner companies
  • is based on our vision and values and supports the building of our business strategy


Health and safety. For our company, adhering to the principles of safety and health of employees is paramount. The company ensures that all its employees are aware of the applicable regulations and that employees receive appropriate training on health and safety requirements. Dangerous working conditions must be reported immediately to the GSK fire brigade or employee representative for safety and health at work.

Drugs and alcohol. Work requires clear thinking and often the ability to react quickly. Performance of work under the influence of alcohol, drugs or psychotropic substances at the workplace or during working hours and outside the employer's workplace; is not accepted.

Violence. Safe work environment represents workplace without violent behavior related to either physical or verbal attacks. It is strictly forbidden to engage in any hostile acts, intimidation, aggression or bullying or expressive behavior associated with either physical or verbal attacks, regardless of the employee's job position in our company.

Harassment. Sexual harassment is defined as verbal, non-verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature, the purpose or effect of which is or may lead to a violation of human dignity. Systematic psychological harassment, assault and intimidation, as well as sexual harassment of an employee by his supervisor or other employees in our company is prohibited.

Discrimination. . Illegal discrimination or harassment is prohibited. The employee must not in any way endanger, intimidate, engage in hostile acts or insult on the basis of a different human race, color, religion, gender, nationality, age, disability or political opinion. Decisions on recruitment, employment, promotion, evaluation, transfer to another job and termination are made on the basis of legal, objective and non-discriminatory criteria.

The appearance of the employee. The GSK employee is expected to have sufficient quality clothing, personal hygiene and cleanliness, which represents not only the employee but also the company. The employee uses the provided work and protective aids and adheres to all safety regulations and technologies for reliable work performance.

Protection of the good name and property of the company. Every employee publicly represents not only themselves but also our company. For this reason, every employee should care about the good name of the company and protect its interests. Every employee is obliged to protect the company's intellectual and material assets. Telephone, fax, e-mail, as well as IT equipment, including hardware and software can only be used in the company for business purposes. Employees are not allowed to copy or reproduce software that is protected by copyright without proper authorization.

Conflict of interests. We perceive as a conflict of interest a situation in which business, financial, family, political or personal interests could influence the opinion and actions of persons performing their duties for the organization. Our company's employees are required to avoid situations where any form of conflict of interest may arise and also to refrain from actions that may lead to such a conflict.

Receiving and offering gifts. Accepting or offering gifts can build a good business relationship, but it can also affect the recipient's ability to make an objective decision. Therefore, the relevant purpose, appropriateness and legality of the gifts offered or received must always be carefully considered. If the sole purpose of the gift offer is to gain an advantage, such offer or acceptance of the gift is considered a violation of our Code. We may never offer or accept gifts that are illegal or are monetary gifts or the equivalent of monetary gifts.