About Us

GLOVIS Slovakia, Ltd. belongs to Tier1 suppliers of Kia Motors Slovakia, which supports the dynamic development in the European car market. GLOVIS SLOVAKIA provides it with full range of logistic services such as outbound logistics, inbound logistics, finished vehicle logistics, removal & installation of machinery & facilities, packaging, warehousing and logistics consulting. The company also deals with trading with corporating companies operating in the field of resources, recycling, transportation, transmission and storage. Since 2013, the company has started  to focus on sales and installation of LED lighting.

Operation of the company GLOVIS SLOVAKIA is located in the Consolidation Centre of Kia Motors Slovakia. A stock of spare parts, parking place and charging room for fork lifts are the areas utilized by the company, too. A part of operation is a wheel assembly line, which is directly connected to the production line of Kia Motors Slovakia. GLOVIS SLOVAKIA operates forklifts, tow tractors, reach stackers and other material handling equipment. CEO of GLOVIS SLOVAKIA is Tae-Young Park and CFO is Do-Young Hwang.

The company GLOVIS SLOVAKIA was established in March 2005 and it came to Slovakia within the investment project of Kia Motors in Žilina. The mother company Hyundai Glovis has been operating in South Korea since February 2001. Hyundai Glovis is the main provider of logistic services as well as a part of Hyundai Motor Group. Except Slovakia, the subsidiaries of Hyundai Glovis can be found in the USA (Alabama, Georgia) , Canada, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Turkey, China (Beijing, Tianjin), India, Mongolia and Australia.

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