Ethics code is the basic document for the formation of corporate culture of our company.

Ethics code:
- specifies the basic directions which all employees   should heed to.
- notes the responsibility toward the society, co-existence with partner companies, and basic ethics for every employee.
- is based on our vision and values, and specifically supports our business strategy.

Standards of behavior
Health and safety

In our company safety principles and health protection of employees comes first. The company ensures that all its employees are aware of applicable regulations and that employees receive appropriate training concerning health and safety requirements. Dangerous or unsafe working conditions shall be immediately reported to GSK fire patrol or employee representatives for health and safety in GSK.

Drugs and alcohol

Work requires clear thinking and often the ability to react quickly.
Performance of work under the influence of alcohol, drugs or psychotropic substances at the Employer´s workplace or during working time also outside the Employer´s workplaces; refusal to undergo a breath (blood) test on alcohol, drug or psychotropic substances presence at the Employer´s workplaces or in the working time also outside the Employer´s workplaces is considered as a serious violation of the labour discipline.


A safe work enviroment means a workplace without violent behaviour connected with either physical or verbal attacks. It is strictly forbidden to commit any acts of hostility, intimidation, aggression or bullying or express behaviour connected with either physical or verbal attacks regardless of work pistion performed by an employee in our company.


Sexual harassment is defined as a verbal, non-verbal or physical behavior of sexual nature which aims or which results or culd result in violation of the dignity of a person.
Systematic psychological persecution, attacks and intimidation, as well as sexual harassment of the employee by his superior or other employees in our company is prohibited. It will not be tolerated at the workplace under any circumstances.


Unlawful discrimination or harassment is prohibited. An employee shall not engage in any form of threatening, intimidation, unfriendly acts or insults on the basis of different human race, skin color, religion, sex, nationality, age, handicap or political opinion.
Decisions about recruitment, employment, promotion, evaluation, transferring to a different work and termination are made on the basis of legal, objective and non-disciminatiory criteria.

Appearance of employee

GSK employee is expected adequate quality clothes, personal hygiene and purity representing only employees but also the company. Employee uses a provided work and protective equipment and follow all the safety regulations and technology for reliable performance of work.

Protection of good name or property of the company

Every employee in the public represents not only himself, but also our society. For this reason, every employee should take care of the company's good name and protecting its interests.
Every employee is obliged to protect intellectual and material property of the company. Telephone, fax, e-mail, as well as IT equipment, including hardware and software can be used only in the company for work. Employees are not permitted without appropriate authorization copied or reproduced software that is protected by copyright.

Conflict of interest

Conflict of interest can take many forms. Possible conflict of interest may arise when we ourselves our family members or our friends:
- engage in activities that compete with or appear to compete with, our companyś interests
- use company property, ifnormation or resources for personal benefit, or the benefit of others,
- receive any personal of financial benefits  from anyone who has or is applying for a business relationship with the company.
We should avoid conflict of interest whenever possible. Any potencial conflict of interest must be discussed with the Human Resources Department.

Receiving and offering of gifts

Accepting or offering gifts can build good business relationships, but it can also influence the ability of the beneficiary to make objective decisions which may possibly cause a conflict of interest.  Therefor, we must always carefully consider the relevant purpose, adequacy and legality of offered or accepted gifts. If the sole purpose is to obtain an advantage, such an offer or acceptance of gift is considered as a violation of our code.
We can never offer or accept gifts, which are illegal or are cash gifts or equivalent of cash gifts
(eg. money, gift vouchers, bank checks, etc.). Impermissible gifts include gifts to government officials.






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